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Known UsesEdit

  • In 2037, James messed around with John's computer, believing it was a game, but the computer setup was so Jake would be able to plan a strategy to disable the Penguin Network from others hands, James installed the game onto another laptop, playing as the Beavers, believing he was playing John, John's War Operation Plan Response simulated James' moves, making John & Jake believe it was an actual attack & were afraid of starting the Third Sky War or World War III which would be named as World War II, But they found out it was James, Jack claimed to them that no one could win by playing & best not to play at all. This nearly resulted in the Beaver War (the name of a war that would've happened)
  • In 2045, The Penguins reused their nuclear silos & rearmed their missiles & upgraded them so they'll work on the first strike attack on the Sith