The Imperius Kiss is a kiss or smooch from the wearer of the Imperius Lipstick. It became known as Skipper's bewitched Kiss when he Kissed the Lemurs and Marlene.


  • King Julien XIII
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Marlene



Mort & MauriceEdit

Skipper used the Imperius Kiss first on Mort. He Kissed Mort's cheek, and ordered him to tell Skipper anything he knew that was suspicious or that had to do with Red Squirrel's whereabouts. Mort had no idea. Skipper eventually got to Maurice. Unfortunately, like Private, Skipper had to Kiss Maurice on his lips. Maurice had no idea of Red Squirrel either. Buck Rockgut locked him up in a cage with all of the zoo animals.


Julien was hard to get, but Skipper had managed to Kiss his cheek. Julien however, knew only of the polluted, flooding creek. Soon after that, animals saw Skipper Kissing animals and them telling him something. It eventually got to Marlene.


Skipper got to Marlene, but she apparently got the news.

Skipper's First AttemptEdit

Skipper eventually comforted Marlene and said he liked her style. He Kissed her cheek. Skipper realized Marlene wasn't going to tell him anything, and Marlene caught up on Skipper's plan.

Second KissEdit


Skipper had trouble on comforting Marlene to plant another Kiss. He said he had liked her style, and said she was great, but Marlene didn't let him.


After trying for so much, Skipper said Marlene had to Kiss him. He eventually got her to Kiss him. Marlene actually raced at him, and told him she liked him, and then, before Skipper knew it, Marlene was lovably Kissing him, but realized she was being mind controlled.


Skipper asked Marlene how much she knew. Every mysterious suspicion was directed at the creek of Manhattan & Brooklyn.


New York War (first mentioned, indirectly as the Kiss)

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