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Episode BasedEdit

  • It costs $2.00 to feed the penguins fish biscuits.
  • Jack (Rico's son) has the ability to eat a lot of food without throwing up. But after eating the fish crackers the third time Jake orders them to eat, he vomits up what he ate.
  • The penguins have a projector screen in their habitat. They project slides using a flashlight.
  • The group of penguins went on holiday to somewhere with sandy beaches, crabs, Hawaiian leis and great white sharks. This could well be Surf Island.
  • Jake's bathing suit is purple with neon green and pink flowers on it. James' is yellow with orange shapes. James wears arm floaties.
  • The fish delivery truck's license plate is a New York plate that expires in October 9. The plate reads "FSH E1" ("Fishy One").
  • This is the first appearance of Jack Flamingo.
  • John hides inside a hot dog cart and refers to himself with the codename "Agent Twelve".
  • John has a video surveillance monitor inside his sardine gadget. The actual camera is in another sardine can strapped to the flamingo.
  • The target was on 23rd street.
  • John uses a knife & players to cut the cords for the street light.
  • Jack and James are known by the code-names "Preydog Red and "Preydog Blue".
  • The other delivery truck they end up in is the "K-9 Security" truck and has a yellow logo with a bulldog wearing a spiked collar on it.
  • The target turned right on Broadway (an actual street in New York).
  • The crates of real fish have the number 17 on the side of them and a blue fish silhouette.

Foul Ups, Bloops & BlundersEdit

  • In the 8th scene, John says Jack has lost the will to live & couldn't live after 5 hours (In other words: Jack would die in 3 days of no fish, 3 days=72 hours), However, In the 10th & 11th scene, it's possibly been 5 hours, Jack would've died when the 5 hours were up, but Jack still lives, this is probably because his will for death died when the plan was made, which John said would keep Jack alive longer because it would sprout Jack's will to live to taste fish.

Behind the ScenesEdit

DVD ReleasesEdit

  • It appears in Future Times DVD (unreleased)