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Operation Code NamesEdit

  • Go Fish: Plot to steal the fish
  • No Go Fish: King Julien's Counterplot

Rico RegurgitatesEdit

  • N/A (Rico isn't alive in this episode)
  • Knife, Paperclip, Crowbar & Volleyball: Jack grabbed from his sack of weapons a knife to cut the Fish crackers, it disintegrated upon hitting the soy composition, A paperclip as a key for the fish truck, crowbar to pry open the fish crates & the volleyball is seen on a vacation slide during the slideshow

Options (given by Kowalski)Edit

  • N/A (in this episode, Kowalski isn't alive, So in episodes where Kowalski or the other Penguins [Skipper, Rico & Private] are absent, John does the options)

Kowalski's InventionsEdit

  • N/A (Kowalski isn't alive in this episode, so John invents)

King Julien Saves the DayEdit

  • N/A

Movie References/ParodiesEdit

  • Go Fish (Episode): A repeated sequence of past events in the future
  • Go Fish: The game is named Go Fish