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Go Fish 2

Air Date:

May 28, 2011



Go Fish

Go Fish 2 was the sequel episode of Go Fish, in which this one is a history replay, only this is after the Penguins' deaths.


Alice sells people the phony fish substitutes. Unknown to the Penguins that these were the exact same kinds of substitutes given to their fathers 60 years before. John experiments the crackers, and finds that no true penguin could stomach them (this could explain why Rico couldn't stomach them 60 years before). The real fish is removed. Because of lack of real fish, the Penguins refuse to eat, and 3 days after this "scandal" (as Jake said) began, the Penguins went onto the verge of death. Jack nearly fainted to death, and James lost his pride, claiming that death would be happier than living in misery (Jake slaps him at the remark, saying it's quitter talk). The Penguins plot to steal the real fish back to Zoo after being nearly driven mad with hopeless longing and misery of no fish. King Julien XIV, however, who has been happy because of no fishy smells, discovers the plot, and tries to do a counter-plot to stop the Penguins from achieving their goal. (Just like how his father counter-plotted the Penguins 60 years ago). The plot took place in Downtown, New York. After a chase through the sewers of New York, the Penguins finally hijack the fish crates from the truck, and load up the goods. However, returning to the Zoo, as they're congratulating themselves, Julien XIV & Maurice emerge from the shadows, explaining in a series of flashbacks of his counter-plot going as it was planned and that the Penguins' crates were filled with the subs and Mort appears holding crates. A large argument occurs on who has the real fish, until Maurice finally convinces Jake and Julien to open their crates to see who had the real fish. To Jake's surprise, both crates have the subs, it turns out that Jack Flamingo (the son of Pinky [He was the aerial surveillance during the job]) had stolen the real fish from the crates and calls the Penguins idiots because he was being given the same subs and they fell for his trick.