Founder(s): Jake
Founded: 2035
Dissolved:  ?
  • Jake
    (Founder, General)
  • John
    (Sergeant, Inventor/Scientist/Professor)
  • Jack
    (Demolitions expert, First class private)
  • James
    (First class private)
Location(s): Penguin Headquarters,
Central Park Zoo,
Manhattan, New York

The Future Penguins is the future version of the original Penguin organization.


Background InformationEdit

Founding of the Penguin OrganizationEdit

In 1970, Skipper founded the Penguins, an organization that would save the world of terrorism from the late 1900's & early 2000's, according to the prophecy, this happened.

Deaths of the PenguinsEdit

In 2027, Kowalski was murdered by Draco Malfoy. Skipper died of a heart attack in 2030. Rico died the same fate a year later. Private died of Avian Influenza 4 years after Rico's death

Future of the Penguin OrganizationEdit

In 2035, Jake, Skipper's son, took charge & attempted to follow his father's footsteps, In 2037, James, Private's son, almost launched a full-scale global war which could've destroy the entire world if it happened. In 2040, The Penguins did all kinds of good deeds, John, Kowalski's son, received scholarships to the Antarctic Penguin Middle School for all of them. They went from 2041-2043, Unfortunately, like their fathers, They had enemies, One person who was under the name Lord Voldemort, seized power of the Antarctic Ministry, causing the Penguins to be outlawed from Antarctica & almost nearly the world if Voldemort went further than Antarctic territory. Later in the 2042-2043, James found an old diary which belonged to a student named Tom Marvolo Riddle, James soon learned that Riddle was Voldemort & arrested Voldemort & his Death Eaters. James sent them to the island of Hoth. Voldemort escaped as James graduated with the rest later that year. Upon returning home, They learned of the Rockgut War & decided to stay neutral, as James had claimed his father claimed Buck Rockgut II (The future Buck Rockgut's father) was a total nutcase on tracking the Red Squirrel, Red, however, sent dementors to attack them to destroy them, They entered the war on Rockgut's side

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