Forbidden Rock
Made: 2030's & later in 2040's
Destroyed (year): 2040

Known Inhabitants: Torture Twins
Location: Somewhere in Southern Brooklyn, Right
outside the Cragstone Mountains, but
not next to the western coast
Forbidden Rock, also known as Death Rock, is the mountain home of the Torture Twins, It is located someplace in Brooklyn, but exact location is unknown, it was destroyed in 2040 & was seen first in Twin Torture & again in Karaoke Madness.



Death Rock was made home by the Torture Twins at some point in the 2030's, The exact location of their home is an entrance to the cavern home at the top of the mountain.


In 2040, The twins captured James & threatened to destroy him from the inside, Jake engaged in a battle with them & the twins accidentally blew down the mountain, destroying their home & killing Melanie Titan.


In 2045, The twins captured King Julien XIV & threatened to murder him if the Penguins refused to save him by winning in a karaoke contest.

Future of 2045Edit

It is unknown whether Death Rock will appear again.


  • In Twin Torture, The twins & Jake blew up Death Rock in their battle, However, in Karaoke Madness, Death Rock is perfectly fine as it looked before the battle 5 years before, This probably means that the Titans had somehow rebuilt their mountain home in the 5 year time span
  • Forbidden Rock is commonly referred as Death Rock
  • Forbidden Rock is located somewhere off the Cragstone Mountain Range, but isn't inside, it is also not far from the Wolf Shack, This hints it is somewhere in the southern area of Brooklyn, in between the mountains & river banks.
  • Death Rock consistently has severe thunderstorms on a regular basis that happens 24/7
  • The only entrance of the mountain is the top, the entrance is also the only place where light can get in.
  • It turns out there were secret mission files under the Torture Twins possession that had been stolen by some unknown thief & the stolen plans had fallen into Julien XIV's possession somehow, explaining one reason why he was kidnapped & taken to Forbidden Rock


Twin Torture (First appearance)

Karaoke Madness