First Sky War


August 17, 2009 - June 3, 2010


Downtown New York
Central Park Zoo
New York.



  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Private

Lemur Empire

  • King Julien XIII (Not a real combatant)
  • Maurice (Not a real combatant)
  • Mort (Not a real combatant)
  • Joey

Yang Army


  • Skorca is the only death
  • Carriers badly injured
  • Private flies off with Skorca after
    the Battle of Downtown & survives

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The First Sky War is a war against the Penguins, Lemur Empire, and The Yang Army. The rest of the zoo might've been involved. Skorca didn't die in the first battle. Therefore, the war didn't end until Skorca died a year later. Eventually, Skorca becomes the first known flying enemy to penetrate the zoo's defenses. Clockwerk is built and starts the Second Sky War.


Rise of the Yang Family (2000)Edit

Yin-Yang the Wonder Whale was born in the Yang family. The last known Skorca family left, Skorca was born 6 years before the Balloon Parade that started the Sky War.

Yang's First Five Balloon Parades (2003-2008)Edit

Skorca attended the five balloon parades of New York


Battle of DowntownEdit

Main Article: Battle of Downtown


During a trial run before Skorca's sixth year in the balloon parade, Private discovered Skorca during his sugar fit. Private denied his recall of seeing the orca, slapped himself, but as he had recovered, he realized that he wasn't having a sugar dream. Later, in the morning of Skorca's lead on the balloon parade, Skorca took an early route near the zoo to the parade, allowing Private to alert his presence. However, he passes undetected by Private's team, therefore, believing Private had a sugar dream and got worse. But finally believe him when seeing him.



The Penguins flee to the higher grounds and Joey & The Lemurs close in on Skorca's position. Joey takes out the carriers, causing Skorca to remain stationary, paused in air. The Lemurs watch the fight, and Julien mocks at the Penguins' lack of attempts to fight.

Strike from atop the UnderEdit

Main Article: Mission Skorca Elimination

Meanwhile, the penguins elevate to the roof of a skyscraper and take the jump to Skorca's back. Due to the bouncy skin surface, Skorca doesn't feel any pain. But not being yet robotic, Skorca had no way to impulse to sway & knock the Penguins off. The Penguins believed Skorca's skin was a force-field. Joey ambushed the Penguins to kick them "out of the way so the enemy can be defeated". Skipper explains they share Skorca as enemy. However, Joey & him kick each other. Skipper lands with Kowalski & Rico, and Joey grabs a string as he falls off Skorca and hits 2 carriers. Private, who was propelled when Joey jumped on Skorca, cut a hole in Skorca's skin, believing he penetrated the shield. Skorca panicks in pain & fear of death & takes off. Private falls off with Skorca's fin. But, Skorca survived & landed in the balloon factory.

Between BattlesEdit

The war didn't end after the Penguins severely injured Skorca. Skorca got a robotic body coating his head. Skorca leaves his carriers, and takes on a free attempt to haunt the Penguins. Unusually, he penetrates the Zoo's magical defense shield, which defends the Zoo from aerial threats, and any intruder who enters from the walls. Skorca then, finds the Penguins

Battle of Central Park Zoo 1Edit

Main Article: Battle of Central Park Zoo 1

Private open fired as Skorca attempted to fight. Private fired 4 missiles, but as he defeated every fourth of Skorca. Skorca kicked in his laser eye, firing a deadly missile laser on the gun, malfunctioning it, creating electrical sparks and nearly killing Private. Skorca's eye is soon destroyed. As Private has double repeat fire on Skorca. Skorca is near death. As Private unleashes heavy fire, Skorca's body begins to blow apart in holes. Lights of his soul spewing out. Then, about 30 seconds after the holes start up, Private makes a long cease fire and watches as Skorca blows up, shattering pieces of light everywhere, which disappear.


The Penguins eventually had resealed the Zoo's enchanted shields. Skorca did a ton of damage in the second battle. The Penguins didn't deal with any aerial threats until 2024, when Clockwerk was built, which resulted in the start of the Second Sky War which was 25 years after & was worse than the First War.


  • The First Sky War is the first of the only two wars that are fought in air, and the combatants only fight on the ground in this war for both battles
  • The First Sky War is the first war to last a year, and only have less than 5 battles.


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