The First Jungle War is the war between The Penguins & The Wolves.


Rise of The Wolves (1950's)Edit

The Wolves started searching for Skipper after sprawling in a fight with in 1958. The Wolves left Neverland to search for Skipper, and were surprised he was gone in 1960.

Letting loose of the Wolverines (1960's)Edit

The Wolves searched all of Antarctica, and found Skipper had dropped off of the face of the earth in 1968. The Wolves turned into the Wolverines, causing fright throughout 1969. Until 1970, when the Wolves discovered Skipper was living for the past 2 years in Central Park Zoo.



The Wolves attacked the zoo, creating the Jungle, starting the First Jungle War. They attacked several times in their rise of power. Lt. Kowalski created his Intelligence-Radio Transmission Interceptor, intercepting all communications between the Penguins, scrambling it, stealing it or bugging it.

Turning PointEdit

The Wolves had captured many habitats at the turning point. In one battle, Joe reveals the Killer Bite to the Penguins.


The Wolves began to lose in the Final Battle of the war. They fell, lost, and scrambled away from the zoo.



  • Jumbo The Elephant
  • 20 monkeys
  • 5 squirrels


The Wolves eventually sneak back into the zoo, creating the Second Jungle War. Private arrives after the war ends.

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