Fall of the Ministry of Antarctica
Part of the First Antarctic Wizarding War
Dates: 17 November, 2042

Casulty(s): Cornelius Fudge
Plan: To silently execute the Minister of
and seize control of the school in order to kill the Penguins
Cause: Tom Riddle left the school in 2042 to take
control of Antarctica as Lord Voldemort
Success/Failure: Success

The Fall of the Ministry of Antarctica (aka the Invasion of the Ministry of Antarctica or Invasion of Antarctica)was a coup that was created by Lord Voldemort to control Antarctica, resulting in a temporary war that became known as the First Antarctic Wizarding War.



In 2041, Tom Marvolo Riddle joined the Inquisitorial Squad with his "friends" to torture the Penguins.

Prelude of the First Antarctic Wizarding WarEdit

Riddle left school just after the first week of the 2042-2043 school year began. He met the Death Eaters in the Malfoy Igloo.


On 17 November, 2042, Death Eaters invaded the Ministry with Riddle following, it's possible that the Death Eaters used wampas to invade the Ministry, The Death Eaters & possibly Voldemort himself tortured Minister of Antarctica Cornelius Fudge the whereabouts of the Penguins out of him before killing him. Meanwhile, Eggy, A Ministry employee now, sent a warning to the Penguins to not go to school. Part of the coup was that Voldemort had control of the school & newspaper.


The coup was followed by a new war that would be the first war against Voldemort. The Ministry was taken back to power after Riddle was captured after exposing himself as Voldemort.


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