"Good-bye, cruel world"

- Dr. Blowhole's last words

Dr. Blowhole
Character Information
NickName Blowhole (By the Penguins, Mostly Skipper)

Bottlenose (By Kowalski)

Gender Male
Species Bottlenose Dolphin
Family Thaddeus Blowhole (younger cousin)
Raised in  ?
(lives in)
Age  ?
Talent(s)  ?
Where can we find him/her
Dr. Blowhole's Revenge

Dr. Blowhole is a dolphin who's an enemy of the Penguins. He is the founder of the Ministry of Blowhole, member of Al Qaeda, and creator of Chrome Claw, Plasma-Pus, Robo-47, and Clockwerk. Blowhole died before the end of the Second Sky War after Clockwerk (then known as Clock-Lene before the last battle of the war) threw him off. He broke his back and windpipe, but there is evidence that he had a backup plan to resurrect himself. It is unknown if this plan succeeded.


Early YearsEdit

Dr. Blowhole was branded the name Flippy the Dolphin when he lived in Coney Island, soon, making himself think up the Ring of Fire & was recaptured after he was mind-jacked, but he somehow recovered

Penguin WarEdit

Main Article: Penguin War

Dr. Blowhole led an army to destroy Penguin Land, but lost a war.

Founding of the Ministry of BlowholeEdit

Rise as MinisterEdit

Blowhole went into hiding, His location was revealed he was heading for the zoo on a large airborne blimp, the Penguins found it was a city-like fort, where Blowhole invented a Ministry.

Fall of the MinistryEdit

Main Article: Fall of the Ministry of Blowhole

Blowhole's prime minister Pius Thicknesse, (the minister for the political disputes) and Blowhole (the real minister in charge of warfare), reported from Aurors found Undesirable Number One on the list. (Skipper). Blowhole took off to find Thicknesse at the report and found the Ministry destroyed. Skipper had escaped, leaving a bomb behind.

New York WarEdit

Main Article: Battle in Blowhole City

Blowhole bred Plasma-Pus in his new fort city named after him on the Cragstone Mountains. However, his technician, James Crab, revealed the whereabouts of his fort to the Penguins, allowing them to locate the third member of Al Qaeda. The fort was torn down. He was captured and sent to Beaver Island.

Escaping Beaver Island & Between WarsEdit

Blowhole escaped Beaver Island with a ship, but he failed to get to the X Network, as it no longer existed for the Penguins bought the system and renamed it. Blowhole invented Robo-47 in 2022.

Second Sky WarEdit

Main Article: Second Sky War

Inventing ClockwerkEdit

In 2024, Clockwerk was invented, but Private was sent to find & spy on Blowhole & aligned Clockwerk's parts, believing Clockwerk would fall apart.


Clockwerk was soon damaged and became too weak to live unless another went inside to fuel him with life. Blowhole kidnapped Marlene and hypnotized her to go into Clockwerk's body. By doing so, Clockwerk regenerated as Clock-Lene.


In a sky battle, Clock-Lene refused to obey Blowhole and swung Blowhole off. Blowhole fell and landed on a piece of metal from previous battles in the lake. Blowhole's fall caused him to break his back and his spinal cord snapped and cut his windpipe, killing him in minutes. Unable to do anything, he regretted all of his crimes and died, but he may have resurrected himself.


Blowhole lost everything, including Clock-Lene and the weak-souled Clockwerk.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Blowhole wears a red eye laser cannon to cover his missing right eye. He uses a hover stroller to transport himself around.

Personality & TraitsEdit

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