Dementor attacks are attacks made by dementors. They're also called a Dementor Kissing when the victims of the attack have been given a Dementor's Kiss.

List of AttacksEdit

  • Two were made at Mount Cragstone on the Penguins
  1. Dementors cornered the Penguins outside the fort, preparing to make it a Kissing for the Penguins.
  2. Another Dementor attack was planned by Joe Titan, but failed when he was captured and the Dementors failed to get the Penguins

Differences between an Attack & a KissingEdit


A Dementor Attack is only considered an attack when no Kisses are made and the victims are injured or not dead.


A Dementor Kissing is like a ceremonial ritual for dementors. If at least one or more Kisses are made, it's considered a Kissing. Kissings have been around since the Titans. Any worker who didn't work, and/or refused orders was Kissed. Dementors nearly shared Kisses with the Penguins.


New York War (First appearance)

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