The Dementor's Kiss is an act of having one's soul consumed by a dementor.


The Kiss is performed whenever a dementor lowers its hood and clamps its jaw on the victim's mouth. The dementor's lips are coated with a sticky substance called Dementor's Kiss Glue. It allows the dementor's lips to stick to the victim until the soul has been sucked out. The soul is digested, but, then, the dementor clamps it's jaw over the victim's mouth again & breathes the damaged soul back into the body, creating another dementor.


Before the Dementor's Kiss was ever used, The Titans used these synthetic clones called the Torture Sisters, which Kiss the Penguins to torture and burn them.

In the New York War, The Dementor's Kiss was used on any worker or drone that refused their guard duty inside the Titan HQ.

The Dementors nearly managed to Kiss the Penguins, but Kowalski repelled them with a Dementor Repulsion Gun. If Kowalski hadn't done so, The dementors would've Kissed them and sucked out their souls. Dementors also tried to perform a Kissing in a lab when the Penguins were captured and were to be Kissed.

The only recorded Kiss was the Kiss on James, but it failed as James survived by being saved by John, if this hadn't happened, James would've been Kissed for real.

The Kiss is used for mission failures in the video game: Penguins of Madagascar: Return of all enemys, If the health meter hits zero, The Kiss will happen, resulting in ultimate failure

Known VictimsEdit

  • James*
  • Several Titan workers & drones (kissed when they refused to work)

*James actually survived because the dementor didn't ingest his soul & he was saved


New York War (First appearance)

Future of the Penguins (Appears in flashback(s))

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