Sentient, in an unknown degree

Fatal Ability's:

Known Victims of the Kisses:

  • Titan soldiers (when refusing to do work)
  • Skipper (Survived because he wasn't actually Kissed)
  • Kowalski (Survived because he wasn't actually Kissed)
  • Rico (Survived because he wasn't actually Kissed)
  • Private (Survived because he wasn't actually Kissed)

First Appearance:

New York War

A Dementor is a dark creature that sucks out souls through a process called, and known as, a Dementor's Kiss.



They are hooded, with black cloaks. They have gray faces & no eyes, and lips that are coated in red from a substance named after the act of sucking out one's soul called Dementor's Kiss Glue.


They are very dangerous creatures for they suck on positive emotions and even harm their victims when they are attacking their victim. They live, and rot from the darkest, and foulest places on Earth.


They can turn warm air cold, and make wind colder. They feed on emotions as they come at their victims , and kill any living thing that they cross by freezing it to death. They can also fly.

Dementor's KissEdit

Joe Titan: I hope you're ready to meet your end, Skipper, for I have dementors coming, Your end is coming. The Dementor's Kiss is coming for you.

Skipper: Dementors

Joe: Yes, and The Dementor's Kiss is coming. You're going to die. You'll never be able to survive after you're Kissed. I'm really going to miss torturing you, yet, I hope I can video record the moment when I see you Kiss the creature of death. I can't wait for the Kissing.

- Joe Titan to Skipper on the Dementor's Kiss before the battle
Aside feeding on positive emotions, they can perform a Dementor's Kiss, where they pull back their hood, clamp their jaw over the victim's mouth, and suck on the victim's lips to pull out the soul,. Their lips are coated with a substance called Dementor's Kiss Glue. Eight dementors nearly succeeded in defeating the Penguins, trying to Kiss them, but failed.

Penguins' Encounters with DementorsEdit

First EncounterEdit

Dementors cornered the Penguins as they tried to sneak into the Titans' fort. Knowing that these were intruders, dementors began to lower their hoods. Skipper almost welcomed his dementor, ready for it to Kiss him, but Kowalski, who found a Dementor Repulsion Gun from a knocked out soldier, fired at the dementors sending them away. However, Titan soldiers who detected the loss in coldness, and the loss of the dementors' presences, came to the scene and captured the Penguins, bringing them to exactly who they wanted.

Second EncounterEdit

When the Penguins had Airborne Bubble Gum, Joe Titan began boasting in his victory, saying that his dementors were coming to end them and that he'd miss having Skipper around, but said he could torture the world without anyone to stop him and that he has to video tape the four Kisses about to happen, but the Titans got into a brawl with the Penguins after their bubbles are destroyed and they forced the dementors away with Repulsion Guns.

Third EncounterEdit

The Penguins were heading back to their HQ to find it burning, After managing to extinguish most of the flames, they found decoys of Red outside, Red's dementors were waiting, To prevent from being doomed to the Dementor's kiss, The Penguins ran as dementors chased them

Future EncountersEdit

After the Penguins returned from Antarctica, They entered the Rockgut War, A war between Buck Rockgut & Red Squirrel, They were neutral until they were ambushed by four dementors, Already invented a Dementor Repulsion Gun from learning of these foul creatures in Antarctica, John repelled all of them, One dementor nearly succeeded on ingesting James' soul.


New York War (First appearance) (Appearance of the Dementor's kiss)

Future of the Penguins (Appearance of the Dementor's kiss)

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