A Death Kiss is when Plasma-Pus' oral tentacles kisses the victim. It's similar to a Dementor's Kiss


For the Death Kiss to be performed, Plasma-Pus would grab his prey, and open his mouth. Then his suction tentacles would squeeze and suck on the victim's lips until it pulled out all of the vital organs. Then, it eats the brainless prey.


In between 2010 & 2015, the Death Kiss was used to kill any slave, worker or traitor to Blowhole City.

On June 24, 2015, Plasma-Pus attacked Rico, and nearly managed to Kiss him, but failed. It's last recorded Kiss was with James Crab, a resident who betrayed Blowhole City to the Penguins. He was Kissed on January 13, 2015.

Rico's warning about Plasma-PusEdit

While Rico was infiltrating Blowhole City, a traitor was friendly to him, handed him a note, and told him he should leave. The warning said:

Whoever lives in the city of Blowhole, Their death will meet them
Orange it is, for it lives in a pit in the heart
Beware, For thee must leave the city or even the mountain, for death will come
Beware of the orange death, watch for it's deadly kiss, for once you kiss death, you will be at the pearly gates
Death's fatal kiss ends life for everyone, Blowhole City will never know peace until orange death is gone forever


  • First Line: Blowhole City is home to death
  • Second Line: The "orange death" lives in the center of the city, in a pit
  • Third Line: Any living being must flee the city to survive
  • Fourth Line: Orange death's kiss will send the life of anyone to the gates of death
  • Fifth Line: Orange death's kiss will end everyone's life, Blowhole City doesn't know peace until Orange death is gone forever

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