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February 3, 2011


Bold Characters are the protagonists & the Italic Characters are antagonists

  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Private
  • Marlene
  • Burt
  • King Julien XIII
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Bada & Bing
  • Joey
  • Flamingos
  • Baboons
  • Phil
  • Mason
  • Roy
  • Roger
  • Fred

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Candy-o-thon is an episode, it aired on February 3, 2011


It's the 5th Annual Candy-o-thon for the Zoo. On the week after King Julien Day, the animals try to gather the most candy to win the Central Park Zoo Imperial Candy Award. But, mysteriously, the Penguins are first dry of candy, and as the week goes by, the contestants' candy piles reduce overnight. Someone must be cheating in the Candy-o-thon!


The Penguins wake up after their new King Julien Day sleepover party. King Julien announces that it's Candy week again. In hours, the animals are quickly rounding up candy. The Penguins however, fail to even snatch a single gumdrop. As the day starts flying by. Mysteriously, after one night, the animals notice their candy pile had reduced from the previous night. The same thing happens again. More candy is gone, and the Penguins are somehow beginning to win. On Friday morning, the animals take the lead for the next morning's Candy-o-thon winning ceremony. On Saturday morning, the animals notice about 60% of their candy pile has been taken. The Penguins have a suspiciously large amount of candy, and win the award. Marlene notices a couple funny things in the Penguins' appearances and behaviors. Skipper feels a bit more cranky, Kowalski is not thinking straight, Rico is in an awake-sleeper stage, and Private is half dazed with bags under his eyes. On Sunday night, the animals meet in the Reptile House. Marlene discusses the situation and her theory. Later that night, Skipper, Rico & Private are playing a game of Crazy Eights while Kowalski announces that he's making a new chemical which would cure the anti-sleep syndrome they'd been suffering since Tuesday morning. Later, after a couple rounds of the game, Private tells Skipper something is banging on the entrance. Bada slides the fish bowl aside and starts asking the Penguins a couple questions about their candy. Skipper claims they were just betting the candy to who gets to eat some over a game of cards, and says the rest is stored in a safe which Skipper claims is hidden. He tells Private to not reveal that the real safe wasn't in Rico's stomach. As the Penguins begin to turn back to the card game, Marlene pops out of the hole behind Private's trophy bass and starts to accuse the Penguins. Then, when Private asks her how long she was there and how much she heard, she claims she heard everything, and was there since she signaled Bada to bang on the hatch. Marlene accuses the Penguins of cheating and thievery. Burt then sucks them all out, and King Julien demands the return of the award and another replacement week for Candy-o-thon. Burt sucks up the award, Bing punches Rico's stomach, Rico spews up a chrome safe. But Marlene said she heard Skipper say the real safe was in the HQ. Maurice and Marlene come out with 20 bags loaded with candy. Julien pronounces the Penguins are banned from the new Candy-o-thon, and says the Penguins must be punished for their crimes in Candy-o-thon. Private says that their lack of sleep should be their punishment to suffer. Skipper, Private, Rico & Kowalski are tied up, and Burt stands up, ready to sit on them. Marlene says that one is going to get 4 painful squashes & 3 others are getting one less. As Julien counts down from 10 to when Burt is dropping, Skipper silently orders Kowalski to slip him his small extendable Swiss Army Knife. As Julien reaches 2 seconds, the Penguins cut free. However, Kowalski, Private, and Rico slide out from under but Skipper is one second too slow to dodge Burt's butt, which lands squarely on his face. The Penguins are retied, and Julien counts from 5. Burt drops again, As the Penguins stay up all night, Kowalski learns he let the solution sit too long, and it became an unstable toxic bio hazardous waste isotope. The Penguins who have to spend another week of no sleep, due to their disability to sleep from being awake for so long get seizures, become sick, and very ill from both no sleep and immune breakdown, which put them on the verge of death. Julien gives them wild mango smoothies to regain their abilities to survive because Lucinda was aware of what was happening to them. Finally, Kowalski finishes the antidote, and gives it to all four of the Penguins who are so sick & tired and almost near death. The Penguins then learn the winner of the replacement of Candy-o-thon was someone who never even lived in the zoo & rounded up candy after they slept a night to regain their strength. It turned out the winner was...














Marlene: J'accuse!
Skipper: Marlene?! Have you been eavesdropping?
Marlene: (coldly) Yes!
Skipper: (starting to panic) How long have you been there? How much did you hear?
Marlene: (In a cold, grim, deadly voice) Since Bada banged on your door and I heard everything, Burt! Get these thieves out of this hole, Now, it's time you, and your friends learn real discipline

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