Burning of the Penguin Headquarters
Part of New York War
Dates: October 16-17, 2015
Locations: Penguin HQ, Central Park Zoo
  • Dementors driven away
  • Red Squirrel is captured, and sent
    to Buck Rockgut
Cause: Red Squirrel pollutes the Creek to
create a diversionary operation
to lure the Penguins to a false trail
Result: Red Squirrel is sent to Buck Rockgut
X Network becomes the Penguin Network
Al Qaeda is ended
Appearance(s): New York War (First appearance)
Sky Wars (Mentioned only)

The Burning of the Penguin Headquarters was a battle between the Penguins & Red Squirrel. It was the last battle in the New York War.

Background InformationEdit

First Sky WarEdit

See: First Sky War

Outbreak of the New York WarEdit

Battle in Blowhole CityEdit

See: Battle in Blowhole City

New York Creek FloodEdit

Main Article: Operation: Clean up the Creek

The New York Creek was clogged up with trash and filled with pollutants. The Penguins cleaned up the river to save the New York citizens & animals from water poisoning.


Red's Attack & Return to the ZooEdit

The Penguins returned to the Zoo after seeing smoke and being tipped off by their alarm. They returned to find that their habitat was set on fire.

Defense against Al QaedaEdit

Shutting down the coreEdit

The Penguins learned that the Self-destruct had gone haywire, and activated itself upon the fire's destruction to the core reactor's main control computers. The destruction caused a destructive countdown of a thermonuclear core reactor meltdown. The Penguins hooked up a new computer and stopped the core after stabilizing the atomic fires.

Dementors in the Zoo & Red's decoysEdit

As the four stopped the fire, they attempted to find Red Squirrel. Unfortunately, Red's dementors were waiting. They came down on them. Due to the lack of a Dementor Repulsion Gun, the Penguins ran from the dementors to prevent being doomed to the Dementor's Kiss. Kowalski soon found Red's guns lying around, and repelled the dementors. Red's decoys soon grew everywhere


Red's decoys were destroyed and Red was captured.


Red was sent to Buck Rockgut. The Burning was the last battle in the New York War


New York War (First appearance)

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