Blowhole City
Made: 2010 or earlier
Destroyed (year): June 24-25, 2015
Skipper (General)
Kowalski (planner)
Private (dogfighter)
Dr. Blowhole (partially responsible)
Known Inhabitants: Dr. Blowhole (formerly)
Location: Zephyr Point
Leaders: Dr. Blowhole
Plasma-Pus (enforcer)
Cost: CPZ/LE$25,000

Blowhole City is a city made by (and was the headquarters of) Dr. Blowhole until June 25, 2015, when Rico tore it down in the battle that occurred there with Plasma-Pus. It was also the place of Plasma-Pus' birth & death.



In 1970's, Air City was invented until the Fall of the Ministry of Air City occurred.


After the Penguin War, and the death of Chrome Claw, Dr. Blowhole built Blowhole City as a home and headquarters. Also the place where his newest monster, Plasma-Pus, would be born.

New York WarEdit

The city was eventually not considered safe due to the exposure of its location to the Penguins.

Battle in Blowhole City & DestructionEdit

Main Article: Battle in Blowhole City

On June 24, 2015, Rico infiltrated the city to find Blowhole. Blowhole allowed Rico to find him. He set loose Plasma-Pus to chase, fight, and kill Rico. Rico was attacked in a lab once Rico found Blowhole, and was brought to Plasma-Pus' mouth. Rico was nearly Kissed by Plasma-Pus' tentacles. Rico killed Plasma-Pus, and tore down the building, destroying the city. Blowhole however fled, and was attacked by Private and captured.

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