Battle of the Danes
Part of Danish Zoo Scandal
Dates: June 23-24, 1989
Locations: Central Park, Manhattan, New York
  • Several Gestapo & SS officers
  • Hans is captured
  • Titans driven away
Cause: Alice catches the Penguins outside their
habitat and attempts to send them away
to Copenhagen's super-max zoo and erase
them from existence
. Skipper is seen by
Hans, who reports the police, starting a
manhunt where Skipper is given a life
sentence in the Danish Prison
Result: Skipper is released. Hans is captured and
given an unknown sentence. (It was either
life or death.)
Appearance(s): Return to Denmark (First appearance)

The Battle of the Danes or the Battle over Central Park, is a battle against the Penguins, Danish officials (Gestapo & SS), and the Titans.


Beginning of the Danish Zoo ScandalEdit

Alice attempted, with all her power, to get rid of the Penguins.

Transport to DenmarkEdit

The Penguins were spotted, and captured by Alice outside their habitat. She sent them to Copenhagen, Denmark. Then, she attempted to destroy the records so they never existed, and no one could prove that they were there at all.

Escaping the Gestapo & SSEdit

While in Denmark, Skipper's presence was alerted by Hans, (who by that time returned from Hoboken). Hans called the national police, and as Skipper & the others escaped Denmark, the Danish officials attempted to go after them to arrest Skipper & put him in the Danish Prison. Skipper & the other Penguins escaped two powerful & dangerous Danish police forces -- the Gestapo, and the SS. Eventually, the Gestapo/SS got ahead of them as they escaped into New York.



The Penguins infiltrated the Zoo to find the Titans had taken over. They meet Marlene, who is under serious pressure from the Titans.


Julien, whose snapped from the Titans' power, rats out the Penguins along with Marlene, in an attempt to finally get the Titans to respect him. Marlene tells the Penguins how the Zoo was going down ever since the Titans took over, Marlene is arrested when the Titans arrive, hoping to find the Penguins, Then, she's kill-tortured by Joe Titan with a tazer until a false trail leads the Titans to believe it was the Lemurs.

Flight to Central ParkEdit

The Penguins escape the Zoo, the Danes, who believe that the Penguins are there, fly over the Zoo, causing the Titans to fire up missiles, leading the Danes to believe the assault was from the Penguins, The Penguins hijacked a Danish helicopter to attack the Danes & Titans, who got into jetpacks

Up in the SkyEdit

Skipper & the Penguins fired all weapons at the helicopters & fired heat seekers at the Titans, The SS boards a blimp & sends a group of Gestapo men to arrest the Penguins, but are shot down, Hans then sends a blimp in air


Skipper boards the blimp & attacks Hans in a duel. The duel ends when the Gestapo & SS land in the blimp to arrest Skipper, Hans unintentionally exposes he was responsible for the incident in Denmark, The Gestapo & SS released the Penguins & arrested Hans.


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Return to Denmark (First appearance)

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