Battle in Blowhole City
Part of New York War
Dates: June 24-25, 2015
Locations: Blowhole City, Cragstone Mountains
Casualty(s): Plasma-Pus
Cause: James Crab tipped the Penguins
so they know about Blowhole City
from a "reliable network"
Result: Plasma-Pus is killed
Blowhole City is destroyed
Blowhole himself is captured, and
shipped to Beaver Island
Appearance(s): New York War

The Battle in Blowhole City is a battle against Rico, Plasma-Pus, and Dr. Blowhole (who controls Plasma-Pus' actions). The battle happened in the New York War on June 24, 2015 and lasted until Dr. Blowhole's capture (even though it actually ended hours earlier while Rico was destroying the city).

Background InformationEdit

Events in between May 5, 2010 & June 24, 2015Edit


In 2012, The Wolves were captured by the Penguins and were sent to Beaver Isle. The Penguins had eliminated the first of the two enemy alliances and one of the four targets the Penguins aimed at during the New York War, which began two years previously and caused many battles before the first ambush in the war.


In 2014, The Titans were sent to Africa with the lions after the second attack the Penguins made, eliminating half of Al Qaeda and both enemy alliances in the X Network

Discovery of Blowhole CityEdit

The Penguins discovered through probes sent to the Cragstone Mountains, that an armed fort on Zephyr Point was the home & headquarters of the third enemy in Al Qaeda, Dr. Blowhole.

Before the battleEdit

Rico's infiltrationEdit

Rico & Private were sent to attack the city. Private dog-fought the aerial defense squads, while Rico infiltrated to find & capture Blowhole.

The Warning of Plasma-PusEdit

Rico met a traitor who was friendly, and told him he should flee the city to live, his warning message said:

Whoever lives in the city of Blowhole, Their death will meet them Orange it is, for it lives in a pit in the heart
Beware, for thee must leave the city or even the mountain, for death will come,
Beware of the orange death, watch for it's deadly kiss, for once you kiss death, you will be at the pearly gates,
Death's fatal kiss ends life for everyone, Blowhole City will never know peace until orange death is gone forever

Failure to understand the warningEdit

Rico failed to understand the traitor's warning, he wondered what the lines meant to him, His thoughts were:

Thought of Line 1: Death?
Thought of Line 2: What's orange? What pit in what heart?
Thought of Line 3: Why?
Thought of Line 4: What's orange death? What deadly kiss? How would someone be able to kiss death? What gates?
Thought of Line 5: What does kissing have to do with Blowhole? Does it mean I have to kiss him!? What is orange death!?

He misunderstood what the Death Kiss was and what Plasma-Pus was.


Blowhole & Plasma-PusEdit

Rico found the lab Blowhole was in (because Blowhole also made his guards not attack Rico and let Rico find him), Rico used his dynamite numb-chucks, and hit Plasma-Pus when Blowhole ordered Plasma-Pus to attack him.

Plasma KissEdit

Plasma-Pus managed to grab Rico, and pushed out its tentacles to Kiss him. Rico got free of Plasma-Pus' grip before the tentacle got to his mouth.

Retreat FightEdit

Second AttackEdit

Rico attacked Plasma-Pus, and was tripped by one of Plasma-Pus' extendable belt tentacles,

Second KissEdit

Rico fell face down, and flipped over. As he flipped over, Plasma-Pus extended his oral tentacle to try and get Rico to Kiss him, Rico regurgitated rope and tied the tentacle shut.

Plasma-Pus' DeathEdit

Rico ran onto a bridge next to the heart of the city, where the pit was, Rico tricked Plasma-Pus into falling in, He then, got to the other end and managed to use Blowhole's ultrasonic laser missile death ray to kill Plasma-Pus.


Destruction of Blowhole CityEdit

Rico destroyed Blowhole City and destroyed every invention, including the death ray, and the powerful Orbital Death Ray.

Other resultsEdit

Blowhole was captured and sent to Beaver Island to be tail-whacked by beavers. To prevent a second war to outbreak, the Penguins wrote that Blowhole was a prisoner who could be whacked around. The New York War ended about three months later that year. Blowhole however, escaped the beavers in 2020, but it didn't outbreak another war until 2025, when Clockwerk was invented. Blowhole then died before the last battle between the Sky Force & Clockwerk.


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