Character Information
Gender Male
Species Lion
Watering Hole, Nature Reserve, Africa
Family  ?
Raised in Watering Hole, Nature Reserve, Africa
(lives in)
Watering Hole, Nature Reserve, Africa
Age 70 or 80's
Talent(s) Alpha Lion
Where can we find him/her
Madagascar 4

Aslan was the successor of Alakay "Alex" Lion. He is an elderly-wise lion (like many Alpha Lions before him), and only appears in Madagascar 4, the fourth and last movie that shows what happened after Madagascar 3.


Early YearsEdit

It's unknown of Aslan's early years as a cub or a younger lion

As Alpha LionEdit

Succeeding AlexEdit

On June 16, 1971, Alex, the alpha lion, is stubbornly poked around by Makunga, who declares him as a "dumb city boy lion". Makunga bribes Aslan with the position of Alpha Lion by having Alex dumped underwater in the Watering Hole's Alpha Bay. Gloria saves Alex from drowning. Unfortunately to Alex, Makunga crowned Aslan Alpha for life, so it was live and be Alpha, or step down and die.

Early Years as AlphaEdit

Zebra 1: The Alpha seems a bit better than Alex & Makunga, He's even producing enough money for the Watering Hole Olympics
Marty: The what?
-Marty & his herd discussing Aslan's job as Alpha

Aslan made the economy of the Watering Hole easier, He made enough money for the Watering Hole to host the Watering Hole Olympics in the 1971 season. However, In the first few weeks of July, The Gator Empire gained water & territory, not allowing anyone in the water, Aslan tried reasoning with them, but failed because of the selfish Gator King.

Economical HardshipsEdit

Melman, the Ex-Witch Doctor was given his job back by Aslan & Marty was given money so he could get his race training for the 1972 Olympics. Alex had no money at all & was given a lot of money to pay his debts with Makunga, Gloria mysteriously earned money from an unknown/unplottable civilization in an unplottable area of Africa.

Discovery of Hippo CityEdit

Melman: Can you keep a secret, I've held this secret inside me for years, and I'm not letting anyone else know about it, especially Gloria
Aslan: I am a trustworthy lion, I can be your Secret-Keeper
Melman: Okay, I'm in love with Gloria
-Melman telling Aslan about his crush on Gloria

Aslan soon heard about Melman's poor work, and discussed the problem. He became a Secret-Keeper, the only one to know of Melman's crush on Gloria. Melman helped Aslan find Hippo City. Unfortunately, Melman was caught and tortured while Gloria was banished from Hippo City for allowing Melman to discover it. While this happened, Aslan escaped unnoticed.

How humiliating. I've been kicked out of my favorite place in the Watering Hole, and it's all Melman's fault
-A distraught Gloria explaining her feelings to Aslan

Gloria came to Aslan, upset over Melman, Aslan told her he knew about Hippo City, because he was hiding when Melman was caught, Melman came back wearing dresses & makeup (being tortured by the hippos so he'd keep his mouth shut), Aslan tells Melman how Gloria feels. In 1972, The season of the Olympics arrive, Team Five wins.

Alpha WarEdit

The Madagascar Lemur Empire soon complained that Aslan wasn't being fair, because they said he wasn't paying them for using their territory, they shot down every plane & ship that attempted to land, fly over or anchor in Madagascar, even if it wasn't from Aslan, Aslan shut down the 1973 season because of the Empire's behavior.

Late Times as AlphaEdit

From 1974-1975, Many things happen

Later YearsEdit

After the 1975 Watering Hole Olympics, It's unknown what happens to Aslan, because he fades out of the story of Alex, Marty, Melman & Gloria's lives after crashing in Africa, It might be possible he was still Alpha Lion after the African story ends or he died of natural causes or was killed & Alex might've became Alpha again, But these ideas can't be told of.


  • Aslan is Turkish for lion


Madagascar 4 (First appearance)