An Alpha Lion is head lion of the republic of the Watering Hole on the Nature Reserve in Africa. There were many Alpha Lions that controlled the Watering Hole.

Alpha LionsEdit

  • Zuba (?-1970) (resigned) (banished by Makunga)
  • Makunga (1970) (fired) (banished by Alakay "Alex")
  • Alex (1970) (fired) (banished by Makunga)
  • Aslan (1970-?)

The Alpha Lions (From 1960's-1970's)Edit


Zuba was the first known Alpha Lion of the Watering Hole. He lost his son, Alakay "Alex", at some point in the 1960's. He continued his term until May 7, 1970, when his son, Alakay "Alex", lost the Rite of Passage. Alex believed it was a dance-off when it was really a fight. Zuba abdicated to prevent himself from banishing Alex. He was then banished himself by Makunga. Florrie (Zuba's wife) and Alex were also banished by Makunga.


Makunga was the second known Alpha Lion. He gained the position on May 7, 1970, when Zuba resigned as to not banish Alex. Makunga banished Zuba, Alex & Florrie. Makunga was suggested as a bad leader on May 22, 1970, when the Watering Hole dried up. Makunga considered the only solution to see who got to drink the remainder of water was to fight. Makunga was fired on May 23 1970, when he was dragged away by Nana for "stealing" her handbag. Alex, the new Alpha Lion, banned Makunga for his selfishness and greed.

Alakay "Alex" LionEdit

Alakay "Alex" was the third Alpha Lion of the Watering Hole. On May 23 1970, Alex banned Makunga, and expired his ban along with his family's. However, on June 17, 1970, Alex was dumped underwater by Makunga to drown him. Fortunately, Gloria saw what was happening and dived in after to save him. Unfortunately, Makunga had bribed the next Alpha Lion, Aslan, and already had him crowned for life when he found out why he was Alpha Lion, so Aslan had to be Alpha Lion for life or give it back to Alex and die.


Aslan was the fourth, and last known Alpha Lion of the Watering Hole. He became Alpha on June 17, 1970, when Alex was dumped in Alpha Bay. Unfortunately, Aslan was crowned for life before he found out the truth, so he was to stay Alpha for life or give the position to Alex and die. In the end Aslan stayed in the position and vowed he'd be one of the best Alphas.