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2015 (continued through Dr. Blowhole, Titans & Wolves)


X Network (later called the Penguin Network)


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First Appearance:

New York War

Al Qaeda is a dangerous world-wide gang of enemies who devoted plans to invade the world, conquer it, and become supreme overlords of the entire universe. They own a computer network named the X Network.



Al Qaeda was founded between 2000 & 2010. The X Network was hooked up to the Internet, and no one could access it without an identification slip on the modem of the computer. The kinds that didn't have these slips could only receive messages, and tag them, but couldn't access the Network directly.

New York WarEdit

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On May 1, 2010, Al Qaeda members, also known as X men, split to 4 various unknown locations to get work done for their plot, 4 days later, The Penguins intercepted a message from the X Network from an Al Qaeda gang or member trying to contact each other, The Penguins declared war on Al Qaeda & attempted to trace all X messages back to their source after intercepting them, The X men were aware of the interception & made a warning to not respond for the Network was being monitored.


Main Article: Skirmish at the Wolf Shack

In 2012, The Wolves attempted to contact another Al Qaeda member, believing the Penguins forgot, However, The Penguins intercepted the message & traced it to the Wolves & an unknown shack on the Brooklyn banks of the New York Creek. The Penguins traveled to the Creek in the middle of a thunderstorm at nightfall & encountered & fought the Wolves.

Open warEdit

The news of the Wolves' defeat quickly spread through the X Network in an hour when Kowalski shut down the Wolf Shack's X terminal to the Network, alerting the rest of Al Qaeda to the situation, The remaining members sent quick messages throughout one whole hour to not respond in case the Penguins went back to monitoring.


Main Article: Attack at Fort Titan

The Penguins became aware of the no response maneuver & Kowalski sent out probes to the farthest areas of Manhattan & Brooklyn, Eventually, one probe detected an unnaturally cold climate on Mount Cragstone & a large fort before the probe was shot down, The Penguins traveled to the Cragstones & found the climate was caused by the presence of dementors, who detected the Penguins as soon as the Penguins got sight of Fort Titan, The dementors swooped down to get the Penguins, Skipper nearly welcomed the fate that came with a Dementor's Kiss, However, Kowalski repelled the dementors & they were captured & were to be destroyed by dementors again, but they repelled the dementors again.



Main Article: Battle in Blowhole City

The Penguins continued probing New York & monitoring the X Network to find the third member of Al Qaeda & see whether he responds or is found in a fort, A crab reported a message to the Penguins off the X Network from an unknown fort city that the third member was on a mountain known as Zephyr Point, also called Mount West Wind, The Penguins attacked the city & eliminated the third member.


Main Article: Burning of the Penguin Headquarters

The fourth & final member of Al Qaeda was aware of the disruption in the system for three X terminals were gone from the other three members, The last member shut down the X Network to prevent himself from revealing his constantly unknown locations, He however got frustrated & realized how much trash was going into the Creek, He decided to water poison all of New York as a diversion to lure the Penguins away from their base, The Penguins became aware of the shutdown as Kowalski noticed the lack of access to the X Network, The Penguins discovered fresh drinking water was scarce & that some gossip was mostly on the reason why was that the Creek was filled with trash, The Penguins went to the Creek to perform community service to save New York of water poisoning, Unfortunately, The Penguins found it was a diversion when they found out that their habitat was on fire & dementors were attacking the Zoo. The Penguins subdued the last member & bought the X Network before it could fall back into a X man's hands or some other enemy, The Network became the Penguin communication system.


  • Wolves (sent to Beaver Isle in 2012)
  • Titans (sent to Africa in 2013)
  • Dr. Blowhole (sent to Beaver Island in 2015)
  • Red Squirrel (sent to Buck Rockgut in 2015)


New York War (First appearance)

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