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  • Offense is the thieves, the offense is a team of two, Defense is the police, same as Offense's number of players
  • Offense must attempt to make off with the store loot, Defense will play as the security, they become the police discovering the treasure is stolen, Offense attempts to get away & avoid the police (Defense) & make it to their hideout (Penguin HQ), Defense attempts to prevent the thieves (Offense) from reaching hideout, they also try to arrest (capture) them
  • When in the hideout, the Offense must lock it down & prevent the Defense from penetrating their lock-down while they count up the loot
  • When Offense enters the hideout, Defense must find a way to break into the base before Offense finishes counting up their loot
  • Defense & Offense switch sides after Offense is finished counting the loot or Defense arrests the Offense
  • Only the Offense Team can abort the mission & surrender to Defense, Calling an official surrender is forfeits: The team is arrested, they forfeit their goal & prize
  • The game can be called into a time-out by Defense, but it's only necessary when the Lemur Empire begins disrupting the game by:
  1. King Julien XIV enters the HQ or finds Offense & takes what they have because it's his property or wants it for his own greed
  2. Julien XIV sends out the Department of Central Park Zoo Law Enforcement

Defense wins byEdit

  1. Catching Offense while Offense attempts to steal the treasure
  2. Arresting Offense on their way to the base
  3. Arresting Offense before they finish counting their loot

Offense wins byEdit

  1. Escaping Defense & arrest, Counting up the loot before Defense arrests them